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Uglem Law PC has experience assisting families and individuals to prepare for the future.  This may involve everything from putting together a fairly simple plan that fulfills the client’s wishes and avoids costs and delays after death, to creating asset-protection trusts, disclaimer wills and multi-entity business or farm succession plans.


A significant aspect of estate planning has become concern over the cost of nursing home care.  Unfortunately, the cost of long-term care has risen to the level that many middle-class families are now at risk of having everything that they have saved, and hoped to pass along to their family, wiped out by spending time in a nursing home at the end of their life.  The law permits certain strategies to protect assets for the family if prepared years in advance and in strict conformity with the laws.  Uglem Law PC has experience in such structures.  With regard to Medicaid and estate matters, Attorney Shannon Uglem successfully overturned on appeal to the North Dakota Supreme Court, the State’s long-standing policy of taking the non-recipient spouse’s share of jointly-owned real estate after death (Estate of Krueger 2019 ND 42).


In addition to preparing plans for clients, Uglem Law PC regularly assists clients in the probate court process and transferring assets.  We have significant experience in assisting the owners of North Dakota farmland and mineral interests (Oil & Gas).  Uglem Law PC has represented Personal Representatives before the courts of approximately 20 different counties in North Dakota.  If you have inherited North Dakota farmland or mineral rights, we can assist you to establish title to these assets.  


See our Mineral Rights Section for more information on probate and title matters for mineral interests.



Estate Planning & Probate services include:


Simple Wills, Disclaimer Wills, Trust provisions for children

Complex Estate Planning and Farm Succession Planning

Power of Attorneys

Healthcare Directives

Probate: Formal, Informal, Ancillary

Irrevocable and Revocable Trusts

Special Needs Trust

Guardianship & Conservatorship

Medicaid Rules

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